Open Letter to the cabal

Open Letter to the cabal from the Company of Heaven

Truly, I not like to call you "the cabal", though probably it's the only term by which all can comprehend to whom I'm talking to.
I guess some quite different feelings arise while reading this very word... "cabal"... and you're also referred to as "the dark ones".
Don't like that either. Thus, you made yourself known on the Planet by playing such roles... and that's why you're seen this way. I cannot. Even if I know many among my fellows still disagree...
Do not think I see you as light and awakened beings, not yet, no. The way I see you is simply as so deeply separated beings that you're not able to reach any satisfaction, reason why you keep looking at money and it's (perceived) power to find some satisfaction.

But you can't, can you? No. And I know why you can't. Because it gives you Nothing. Would it give you any Joy, you'd stop at some point and enJoy what you have. Would money be truly your goal, you'd stopped some time ago, as you've so much money it would last for 10 generation! So money... is not your goal.

Power... mmm... you want to rule the Planet... Truly so? Did you not do that so far? You had all the power you could think of, thus it's never been enough.
You want to de-populate the Planet... that's funny isn't it? You want to rule over the Planet thus you want just a bunch of being here... isn't that too easy? I mean, that's not POWER, that's a child game. So it's not even this what you're truly after.
And you can't be after living in a desert island in the caribbean sea as you could easily buy one and live there (well, actually you already did).
In fact, you're not able to live without keeping everything under "control" can you? You're constantly afraid something gets out of your supervision. That means you need to be in touch with all that's going on all the time or you feel you're loosing something... That means you can't even relax. And if you're not able to relax now you won't be able to do it even if the Planet population would decrease.
Because you're afraid.
Afraid someone, somewhere, somehow could break free, and maybe even tell others how to do it.
That's your biggest fear.
So not the money.
Not the power.
Not the wonderful island.
Not the control.
...what's left? Well, sit down cause I'm gonna tell ya:
It's fear.
You're afraid.
In fact, you live in constant fear, 24/7 you're drowning into fear.

You're afraid of loosing "control".
You're afraid of losing money.
You're afraid of loosing influence.
You're afraid of loosing credibility.
You're afraid of being betrayed.
All the time...
[you're afraid of loosing your illusion but I guess that's too much information so far]
This... well this is the outside... this is your perceived fears.
And as there's no holiday for fears (control, money, power), you live in constant fear.
And nope, don't tell me it's not that way. I See you. I always Saw you. I Was born here able to See you. And I learned a lot more during my incarnation.
I don't actually care about how many lies you're able to tell yourself, and how deep your Truth lies hidden inside of you.
I SEE. And I See this is not You. It's you mask!
Like it or not you'r enot that mean being you believe you are.
And I See both the masks, (yep you've got a whole lot of them hiding your True Self, get them all off would truly be a surprise for you I guess) AND... the Light BEing starving at the bottom of your most 
hidden place... your Heart.

I guess talking about your Heart is not pleasant right now is it? It's a topic you usually don't like to talk about. Censored I would say. It gives you this weird feeling inside of wanting to run, but that makes you feel you're not in control and so you truly don't like it.
Well, I have news for you. The very thing you're actually hiding so well is the only thing you're actually looking for!

Because you see, once you incarnated here in the density that was, the feeling of separation was truly deep. And the loss of memory so intense you truly believed you were that small little being and nothing else. And that to be anything at all you needed to be in control, and rich, and powerful!
In fact, we could say you fell into your own lies. Because one thing is knowing all the esoteric rules to use energy for your personal agenda, one thing is Re-Membering Who You Are.
You were taught how to use Energy, but you were not shown how to Re-Member. And got stuck into your own mind-control and illusion.
In fact you're a product of your own lies.
You know this don't you? Or did you never see it this way? Well, it's been like shooting to yourself into the mirror. Your image broke but your true Self is still alive.
And you hate US, don't you? Yep, I know.
Though I'm not sure if anybody realizes why you hate US so much... It's not only because We're bringing in The Light and Truth of All that Is, not only because we're waking up many other beings every day simply by Being the Love we Are and not because you loose lot of money because of US.
The true reason (no you don't need to accept it for it to Be True don't worry) is that we're at Peace.
We Know Joy.
We Live Free.
We don't need to worry each and every day about tomorrow's plan as we already Know it.
We Live it Now.
You hate the smile of Joy on our face.
You hate the fact that we know no fear.
And most of all... you hate the fact that we still Love You. That We're able to See behind the horrible masks you show US more than you're able to do, and that truly is unacceptable for you.

I'll tell you a secret right Now, I'll tell you why.
Because we're One with God, and God is Love, and Love only Sees Love. In front of Love all masks disappear and the Truth comes out. Our true power is not in being smarter than you, it's in Loving who You Truly Are, and that enables your True Self to kick your ass even stronger, which gives you this awful sensation you so much hate.
Cause it makes your world crumble!
And your illusion disappear.
Yes, you still hope that all the information you filter into our websites will confuse light workers enough to bring them in fear and run around in circles... you still try to fight againts truth... but they're getting it. Even the most stubborn ones. And again it's not a being smart issue, it's a Love issue. Love has no enemies, Love has no craving for more, Love Is All, and once any=One gets there there's simply no way back. No matter how hard you try... it's a battle against yourself. And God itself said "Enough! Now".

I'll tell you one more thing: Love Is All... Once you Re-Member this, there's no more need to look for anything else, you don't need to look after all your things, no need to fear to loose anything, no need to control anything or anyone and you can finally BE all you Truly wish from the deep of your Heart!!
Isn't that so much more than what you have now?
True Freedom!
No threats, no lack, no limits!
C'mon that's far much more than what you got now!
Stop being stupid and start BEING!

The choice is yours... we won't stop as We Are Love and Here Now to bring Love to All and EveryOne. Our Father and MotherGod said it's enough with all this suffering when they answered the Planet's call, and you were all included in this statement. As all suffering needs to be stopped Now!
There's no judgement for your actions in God's Heart as nothing you did changes The Reality of Who You Are... the only harm that can happen is in the illusion, once you break free from it the dream is over and you're Free to Be, again, Love and Eternal Joy.
Isn't that magnificent?
Choose... Freedom and True Joy, or starving your heart into self-made suffering. Love's hand is open and reaches out for you, you only need to breathe... and let your own illusion go.

All Our Love, ANdReA and The Company of Heaven. 

By GLR ANdReA - Posted on 14 July 2012

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