lørdag 11. august 2012

Dying in the dream

We all heard the old rumore that if you die in a dream, you will die in youre bed. Its sounds weard, and all my life that rumore have never resonatet with my heart.
I have always thought about dream time as a time for my spirit/soul to play or give me a lesson ore two ^^
Oure souls are imortal and can never be destroyd, you can kill the body first but then the soul just wakes up and find a new adventure. But you cant kill the soul first and expect the body to die after, cause the soul cant die.

Whenever I sitt down and let my thoughts examine that rumore it resonate negativ energy to me, and my final conclusion today are that its a naughty little rumore placed on us from the dark ones. Its simple, to make us afraid, scared. Its a clever rumore indeed cause they love to rule over us true fear, and what is one of the most powerful fear based thing to make you believe in? yes, make you afraid of dreaming.

Think about it.

When youre afraid of dreaming, youre afraid of meeting youreself and take lessons from youreself ore youre guides. You will never learn to grow or understand that you have a imortal soul if you never ever dear to die in a dream. Cause ofc youre afraid of dying in youre bed to.

The reason I came to this conclusion was my dream tonight.
Yes I died
And no, it was not a simple *chase me, and lure the death it self*
I died

I was being chased by a murderer, a standard nightmare.
But ever seens I discover that you dont need to fear anything in youre life or dreams, the nightmare wasnt fear based for me. Yes I tryed to escape, but my feelings didnt resonate to fear. I was curious.
Finnaly standing infront of my chaser, he got hes gun and shoot me in the head.
I fealt it.
I fall down on the ground with a bullet hole in my head.
I couldnt move, couldnt do anything at all because I was dead in my dream.
I sa my murderer standing there very confused, most likely because he actually manage to shoot me.
Then he flew away.
I woke up not afraid, not with negativ energy - just a feeling that a old negativ and crumbled me had finnaly died.

I actually feel more free today than I have ever been my whole life. Something happend, yes. But it was something positiv, cause now more new, shiny, positiv things in the love and light have the space to grow inside me where the old and crumpy thing was before.

So dont be scared. Youre body can never ever die if you die in youre dreams.
Youre soul are imortal.
The only thing dying will be the old and grumpy you who keeps you from growing...

Namaste <3  <3

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