søndag 5. august 2012

My dream 05.August.2012

It startet with me, my boyfriend and son was in a huge house. Suddently we came aware that a lot of spacecrafts where flying and hovering all over the world. I didnt get afraid, I just wanted them to land. Suddently a giant came rushing towards the house and climb over it. They had land witout me notising it. When I turnd around a beautyful lady was standing infront of us with two not so beautyful creatures. She didnt say anything but was more curious of my reaction... I wasnt afraid at all so I wanted to shake the hands of the other creatures but manage to only shake theyre fingers lol - she laught too. Then we was outside and walking to theyre ships, I was asking if I could come along And she answers ofc you can, come on..

Then it shiftet, we was stan
ding before a real huge crowd of people, they lookt realy thin, skeletons and hungry. Now there was more crew from the ships walking around and they seemd like they waitet for me to do something. I walket up to the lady and askt here if I could give atleast one of them my food I had packed down for myself, she smilet and ask me why, then you get hungry.. Dont be silly I say, I just gets hungry those people might die.. Suddently I had my food in my hands and was placing them into a bowl, she came over and coverd the top of the bowl with some light you could barely see. And everytime a hand took a peace of the food, it multiplied inside the light ♥

Last sequense I was on a train packing yet another bag. There was two more people there, afraid and sure enought I think they where evil. They tried to escape and I wasnt aloud to say to them that I was about to be getting aboard a ship again.. I didnt finnish this part cause I woke up..

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